Aerospace Validation

Themashield was approached by Sierra Nevada Corporation, makers of the Dreamchaser(r) spacecraft, to test our technology. We are honored and eager to prove what we can do. Here is the testimonial:

Initial results have shown and impressive performance improvement over conventional insulation methods on hybrid motors.

Mechanical Engineer

Sierra Nevada Corporation Propulsion Team 

The Egg Test

A simple 5 minute test, yet effective to rule out underperforming formulations.

Greatly extended protection times are limited only by the purity & characteristics of the polymer, elastomer or other host mix. 

Reproduction and Validation

Our first priority was to prove that we could reproduce the outstanding results that Maurice had shown the world. The approach though, was much different: we performed standardized testing by independent 3rd party labs who were quick to note that this material does not burn.

Femtosec Lasers

Thermashield's material passes laser tests

Our own samples passed tests similar to those that the material Starlite had been known for, showing the exact same characteristics such as the “self healing” effect noted by Boeing. This represented an important milestone for our company, considering that the original formula had to be updated and expanded upon.

One of them was a 1mm protective coating on a 1/8” MDF substrate that pushed the limit of the amount of protection that a thin coating can provide.

The table shows the results of one of our coatings which was tested at extraordinary power densities (Irradiance) many powers greater than that available to Boeing. An 18 year old Boeing legacy solid sample was unmarked by Boeing level irradiance, proving its stability over time. 


October 2018

As part of the sales agreement with the Wards, Thermashield acquired all samples, hand written formulation notes, ingredients, digital media, documents and more from the Ward family. 

These materials are kept safe, in memoriam of Maurice Ward and his incredible story. 

The BBC Reel’s documentary by Lee Johnson covers much of the story about Starlite and its inventor. 

Other replication attempts

Naturally, people both close and unrelated to the inventor Maurice Ward have always sought to replicate Starlite for its potential and financial benefit. The fact is that no one except for Thermashield has been able to successfully replicate it or develop a product matching its properties.

While some interesting Do-It-Yourself experiments trying to replicate Starlite have been attempted, we must clarify that Maurice Ward’s formulations bear no resemblance to them. In fact, the formula components are challenging to source through specialty chemical suppliers, thus making them highly unlikely to be a part of kitchen supplies. A thick enough coating made out of baking soda, PVA glue, cornstarch or similar might provide protection for a few minutes at best, but will fail to deliver the extended, durable protection that any application would require. Furthermore, a now 20 year old sample from the Boeing test series demonstrated no performance degradation during laboratory testing, whereas household material formulations would significantly degrade over a short period of time.

No one but Thermashield has replicated or performed any formal tests suggesting similar or improved results to Starlite’s impressive independent expert validations. After all, our formulations survived the White Sands, New Mexico simulated nuclear blast under the auspices of NATO and NASA.

We encourage and cheer on anyone seeking to push the envelope and explore alternative solutions to common challenges.  In this regard, we are open to work with Corporations, Investors or Scientific Institutions to expand the limits of these wonderful Starlite materials. 

Observed Properties

Several factors make the composition of  Starlite materials unique: the ingredients for the specific formulation, their exact proportion in the formula, the specific suppliers and the manufacturing method. Tests indicate that  any deviation of each of these factors will degrade the product’s performance.

In terms of performance, our product does not ignite and provides protection against extreme heat exposure over a prolonged period of time, while other materials can only protect for a few minutes at best with coatings of similar thickness. It is also important to mention that Starlite, and the updated formulations from Thermashield, do not work at low or ambient temperatures. Applications such as wall or attic insulation using Starlite are not possible, the material requires an “activation temperature” to be able to develop its unique characteristics. We get a considerable number of requests along these lines.

As a plastic, Starlite is different to other commercial products since it can be applied as a coating or it can be extruded and turned into any shape, either elastic or rigid, depending on the specific formulation. It adheres to metals, unlike other plastics, while applied as an epoxy-based coating and produces minimal non-toxic smoke if exposed to fire. 
The original BOEING report “proof of concept tests” on Starlite in 1997, reads:

[…] it is clear that the Starlite formulations provided excellent protection demonstrated against a propane torch flame […] Specimen 5 is particularly impressive.

Boeing’s engineers calculated an “energy to burn through” characteristic, which indicated that Starlite was three times more effective than the premier shielding material available to the U.S. Department of Defense. Similarly, testing done by Drs. KL Lewis and JR Milguard, then from the UK’s Defense Research Agency, described in a report:

[…] the material was able to withstand nuclear flash simulation experiments at levels […] in excess of that of any other material so far tested”.

What's Next?

Product Development. Turning the most promising applications into real-world products that can satisfy a specific market demand.

We constantly receive technical inquiries that confirm the still unfulfilled need for a product like Starlite. To satisfy these and other market needs we are seeking investors and technical experts to join forces with and at long last enable Starlite to be successful.