Most Relevant Applications

These are the top 5 applications, the list can change based on priority, customer contact or breakthroughs in R&D.

Fireproof Armored Vehicles

Tests have proven Starlite's ability to react when exposed to fire and to form a protective hard barrier, which can shield an enclosed space for a prolonged period. Covering all sides of a vehicle to avoid the sharp increase of its internal temperature during a direct fire attack is a clear application of this technology.

Cable Sheathing

Some applications require data and critical infrastructure to be protected from fire. Starlite as a plastic can be extruded and formed into cable sheathing.

Fire Protected Spacecraft

Photo by NASA

Starlite's relative low density and imperviousness to fire and heat would make it an ideal insulator for regular airplanes and spacecraft. NASA and BOEING approached Maurice Ward about Starlite for this very reason. 

Cabin interiors

Photo by Vox

Originally conceived by Maurice Ward, protecting occupants in any vehicle is possible with Starlite-based extruded components.

Fireproof Clothing

Photo by Amy Mogensen

Flexible Starlite-based textile can be developed into fire-resistant clothing and equipment in order to make fireproof attire for soldiers and firefighters. 

 Starlite can save lives

The real-world applications are too many to list, and the possibilities for fire safety are endless.