In 2008 our CEO, Rafael, started a friendship with Maurice Ward and his family, looking to help him develop and commercialize his invention by promoting it where there was opportunity. After 2 years of sharing possibilities both decided to start an exciting business relationship. 
Unfortunately, shortly thereafter Maurice passed away.

Knowing about their friendship, Maurice's family contacted Rafael a couple of years later to continue on with his legacy.

Thermashield LLC, an American company was founded to acquire all rights to Starlite’s technology in 2013 from Marurice's estate. Starlite’s formulations, production processes, original samples, the inventor's notes and other materials are today our exclusive property. 

Since then, we have focused on setting a solid foundation for the company and on replicating some of Maurice's most iconic tests.

The process of turning Starlite’s formula into viable products is a huge and demanding task in terms of knowledge and finances. We are currently seeking partners to take Starlite to market.


Thermashield is the only company capable of replicating Mr. Ward's original formula; it is based on his research, hand-written notes and the chemical library that he kept in his lab.

We take pride in Starlite encouraging curiosity in order to break scientific barriers. However, Starlite cannot be replicated using household ingredients.