In 2010, Maurice started a negotiation with Thermashield LLC, an American company who bought all rights to Starlite’s technology in 2013 after almost five years of conversations with Maurice and after he died, with his widow. Starlite’s formulations, production processes, original samples and the inventor's notes and other materials are today the exclusive property of Thermashield. 

In April of 2011 Ward passed away.
Articles commonly reappear in the press with titles like “ Starlite: The Miracle Material that Could Be Lost Forever”, “the Material Man” and “Ten Mindblowing Uses for the World Changing Material that Never Was”,   
and more recently “Mystery of the ‘blastproof’ material” by the BBC”.

In the past 5 years, Thermashield focused on validating Ward’s formulations, showing absolute resistance to torch generated flame and extraordinary thermal barrier protection when exposed to direct fire. Furthermore, the company ran laser tests at a renowned technical institute showing that coating protections at power densities up to 8x1012 (W/cm2) before initial signs of ablation and no barrier performance degradation of an original 18 year old sample from the Boeing legacy tests, and also a newly produced one.  

None of Maurice Ward’s formulations bear any resemblance to the amateur mixes made by Starlite enthusiasts in kitchen settings 


 “[…] material was able to withstand nuclear flash simulation experiments at levels […] in excess of that of any other material so far tested” 

Drs KL Lewis and JR Milguard

UK's Defense Research Agency

Thermashield is the only company capable of replicating Mr. Ward's original formula; it is based on his research, hand-written notes and the chemical library that he kept in his lab.